Poll: Bullshit Is Most Important Issue For 2008 Voters

I am not necessarily a fan of The Onion videos or podcasts or the paper for that matter…not for any particular reason other than maybe I’m jealous of how great their product is, and how I couldn’t contribute to it if I wanted to…but…

My brother Mark had me listen to a couple of podcasts recently, and I was laughing pretty damn hard at them, and today, for no good reason, I found myself watching a few videos on The Onion website because a friend, Dave Odette, posted a comment on someone’s Facebook wall with a link to an Onion video.

Here is the one that I liked the most, out of the four I watched. The truth can catch us off guard in the best of ways. When you hear this, thinking perhaps it is a real newscast, one is struck with the overwhelming sense of, “this is so damn true, our society is so goddamn foolish for being hoodwinked by garbage/bullshit that gets fed to us by TV and most radio”.

This should be shown to every bloody person who has yet to know any single thing about the ISSUES that the Presidential candidates stand for…


And, am I crazy, or do you ALSO know 25 people who you suspect couldn’t give two shits about the issues of these candidates, and are likely to focus on BULLSHIT?


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