Kagan McLeod

There’s this guy I know who lives in Toronto, but he’s originally from Windsor. To say the least, he’s an artist of the highest degree. Kagan McLeod and I “sorta” met when I strolled into the now defunct clothing store on Pelissier Street dropping off copies of the also-now-defunct Windsor Vox Magazine. Jhoan and I were publishing the magazine for a while, looking for stories at every turn, when I saw comic books in the display with the title “Infinite Kung-Fu“. The art was insanely good. I asked the owner why they carried comic books, ad she told me that her friend, the artist and writer, was on the roof at that moment, doing some graffiti art to spruce up her storefront.

I think I waved while he was on the roof, but I left after I saw him paint this incredible afro-ed man with crazy sunglasses, arms akimbo. After e-mailing him a short time later, he told me about his job at The National Post, I think he was the graphics director at the age of 23 or 24.

Subsequent to all of this, I was flipping through an incredible defunct magazine called Shift (which if the wiki is true, Evan Solomon co-founded) and who do I see? Yes, Kagan is on the opposite page of Chuck D (of Public Enemy) and he is listed in the Top 50 talents to watch out for…or something akin to that theme.

Shortly after this, we ran a cover story about how this uber talent was from Windsor. Within a year or two of this, we buried the magazine, and I co-opened a music venue/bar/cafe in downtown Windsor called Phog Lounge. Needing some art on the outside of the building, I asked (begged) him to paint the side of our new place.

The result was incredible, considering we never met to discuss a design, or a theme.

To the best of my knowledge, this is Kagan’s largest piece of work, and I have recently asked him to consider doing another one on the front of the building this summer. I can’t WAIT!!

So, that said, I highly recommend that you go to his site and scroll through the work, as it is worth the time it takes to sift through all of it. If you need another reason to see his work, it has appeared in The National Post, Mad Magazine, New York Magazine, Toronto Life, Toro, Entertainment Weekly, Wired Magazine, and he illustrated a book called Archetypes by Mireille Silcoff.


One response to “Kagan McLeod

  1. I’ll have to ask Kagan if that’s supposed to be a Mexican painting the stripes.

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