Bikes are cool

There’s a great video I found reading NPR’s The Bryant Park Project (BPP) which shows a group of bike riders deciding to make a point to car-drivers by taking to the freeway (405). The cars, often at a stand-still, are left in the dust by these bike riders, which is unlikely in Windsor but not too far from the truth.

I have been keeping pace with cars for several city blocks, and I’m still a chump. My legs are still tired when I get off the bike. But being new to this whole “driving across the entire city almost every day” thing is extremely enticing, and even after today’s sunburn, I am very happy to be riding a bike instead of driving a car. People who pay for gas? Suckers! All of you. Heh-heh-heh…

Actually, I am suprised at just how many bike riders there actually ARE in this city of difficult-bike-conditions. Bicycles are everywhere it seems.

Today I rode to a massage appointment, and then to my brother’s school, where we shot baskets for an hour, and then downtown to drop the bike off. I’ll only be riding it home tomorrow night. I have my niece Alex’s First Communion to attend, and if I ride the bike, it’ll be disgusting. But redemption was playing another hour of pick-up basketball with my Friday night group which was close to my home (short drive). Just glad I got a bit more cardio.

The map above is only the first leg of the trip, which was 6.71 miles (10.8km). The next section was 4.29 miles (6.9km). The last section was 1.56 miles (2.5km). The entire trip was 12.56 miles, or 20.2 kilometers. It kicked the crap out of me, as I am totally not used to this kind of exercise just to get from Point A to Point B. All of the other bike riders in Windsor will laugh at me if they ever read this.

I still highly recommend it though!


3 responses to “Bikes are cool

  1. Keep riding your bike! And if you come to Los Angeles, look us up… we’ll show you the sights… via the freeway! 🙂

  2. I started bicycle commuting last year at this time and absolutely love it.

    We in Toronto take to the streets a few hundred at a time the last Friday of every month – it is tremendously empowering and lots of fun at the same time. If you ever make it to Toronto on one of those days (and have your bike) give me a shout – it’s a blast.

    Oh, and you might want to check out – it’s a great tool for route planning as well as for finding routes that others in your area use. I’m using it a fair bit here now that I’m working in Quebec City which is mostly unfamiliar to me.

    Bike on! 🙂

  3. tom,

    that’s great. i’ll send it along to the folks in the area. that’s about 100km from me, and yes, it’s BUMPER TO BUMPER EVERY DAY!!

    keep riding! it gets easier every day!


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