The shock of it all

When I began writing this blog, I knew I could find a place for my randomness. I knew that the ideas and thoughts that don’t get expressed at Spark, or on the podcast, or in the articles for the paper, or on the business blog would fit nicely even though they’d have bulging, obvious seams.

What I wasn’t ready for, was the weird experience of having people who I link to…acknowledging my linking to them. For instance, Nora Young of CBC’s Spark commented very shortly after I linked to the show. A shock. And Todd Tyrtle, this genius of a guy who created one of the best formats for a podcast I have ever heard of (Talking Stick Podcast), comments on one of my first posts. I was flabbergasted and honoured. I really thought I would just have the few family and close personal friends looking this up once a month.

Cal Evans from the 60 Second Tech Podcast thanked me for the link! What!? I don’t know this guy, and I certainly didn’t expect him to know that I had listed his show as one that I enjoy, and the next thing I know he’s thanking me for the link. This is so damn cool!

One of the best yet was a wonderful rant (filling in all the points I SHOULD have made) by a guy named John living in New Zealand. How this reached anyone had blown my mind.

My brother left a heartfelt and wonderful message to tell me, in a way, he likes the cut of my jib.

And finally, the most impact I’d had from a response was from none other than the folks who made the video of the bike-ride on the L.A. freeway! What?! I didn’t expect REAL PEOPLE to be accessible at the end of that rainbow of pavement-bravery. Boogaloo Shrimp (Flunky Carter) didn’t only respond, but says, “Look us up if you’re in LA, we’ll show you the sights VIA the freeway!”

Does it get any more awesome than this!? I mean, when I posted that vid, I thought that I would maybe interest a few people to look at it, but I never thought about it from the other end…the folks who posted it.

It has changed the way I see the medium of blogging. Good blogging…and the good that can come of it.

In saying that, I am going to visit my brother Todd and his wife Martha, and the family in South River, Ontario. It’s immediately west of Algonquin Park. My family up there has the most sustainable business I know of to date (Northern Edge Algonquin), and it is where I spent the hearty part of my youth (summers from 16 to 20), growing and shaping my opinions of the world to what they pretty well are today. The place is pure heaven, a hotbed of nature-immersion, and a feathery bed for the mind to tumble into gracefully. My brother Todd is presenting his freshly accredited version of Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” slide show. It’s going to be wicked! Todd just went to Al Gore’s training session in Montreal recently, and this will be his first public showing.

My next blog will be peaceful and bliss-laden, and I hope a sustainable mind-set for future posts.

See the photo at the top of this post to see just a snippet of what I will be experiencing. This is the dock they put in a few years ago. I will most certainly lay on it at some point, rain, shine, or snow, and remember the constellations.

P.S. Riding the bike kicks ass. I HAD TO drive the van today, and it felt like crap.


3 responses to “The shock of it all

  1. I know two people who love going up north and hanging with friends in the wilderness.

    *hint – those two people also read this blog.

  2. is Al Gore continuing to be a hypocrite and calling it Global Warming?

    hypocrite? you can’t sit next to Bono at the world economic forum while he’s ranting about saving every human on the planet and making sure they have a big bank account while every environmental problem on the planet is caused by OVERPOPULATION.

    global warming? it’s CLIMATE CHANGE!!! republicans and right wing fundamentalists will always argue “oh uh warming could be part of a cycle…”

  3. I’m so glad that you liked our video! We’re reading all the blogs that have been writing about our jaunt and yours definitely is the most heartfelt.

    Well, we’ve actually done it again! Ridden on the freeway that is… enjoy this little video:

    And, seriously… come out to Los Angeles… You could get on our third video 🙂

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