A Discussion on Food

Being at Phog all of the time, I am treated to conversations of people who know WAY more than I do. Often, these talks are lost on me. They occur in my periphery, and I am unable to recount any of the details.

On this night, some friends went to a Wild Game dinner night at Three: A Tasting Bar, a restaurant in Windsor, and ate some outrageous number of courses, and were mystified by how delectable it was.

Neil and Charles are both cooks. They know food. They talk food sometimes and people in the vicinity who are not cooks (which is almost no one) put up the invisible “not listening” curtain. But these guys speaking about food is like poetry in a language I don’t speak. I equate it to listening to mathematicians discussing physics or something. Wait, don’t physicists discuss physics? You get the idea.

This is a recording (they knew it was being recorded) of their talk about this meal, and others like it. It’s more like a podcast, but it’s totally worth a listen. Not being from Windsor, I would be emphatic about hearing a conversation between strangers in a strange city. It’s like a peek into the slow night at one of the more renowned music venues in Canada. Yes, you can hear my annoying laugh and intermittent banter throughout. Neil makes me laugh without trying. It might be his endearing lisp mixed with crumplingly sharp wit.

Neil and Charles discuss wild game and all things foody.

The first two minutes will be much louder than the remainder of the clip. This conversation took place at least a month ago…maybe two.

This link will not be working by June 12th, but if someone reads this after that time and wants to hear it, I will re-post it. It is being posted to an online location free for a month.


2 responses to “A Discussion on Food

  1. This conversation is hilarious! I’m from Windsor orginally, currently living in Toronto and listening to the part about “…Danny’s not to be associated with the Danny’s here…” made me pee my pants a little. Love your blog… love or hate Windsor, it will always be my home and this blog makes me feel connected to the place I call home.

  2. WordPress.com doesn’t handle audio files? I was sure it would… hmm.

    Anyhoo, as a physicist, I just wanted to say (even though it really doesn’t matter to the article):

    Physicists are quite likely to discuss mathematics, but many mathematicians just do what they do for the pure enjoyment of it. Richard Feynmann is credited with saying, “Physics is to sex, what math is to masturbation.”

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