My bike broke

This is simply a tragedy. Well, maybe more of an inconvenience.

My bike’s derailleur apparently fell off while I was riding home the other night, about 2 kilometers from home, so I simply sat on the bike, and kicked off of the curb with one leg the rest of the way (like skateboarding). It is being fixed by Canadian Tire, but to be honest, I am getting sick and Canadian Tired of my bikes needing fixing shortly after I get them.

Two things. First, I wanted to share this link I found of bike usage in Copenhagen. Crazy!

I wanted to take this opportunity to post some images of my ride home, at 3am or thereabouts. They are mostly shots of trash that I am overrun by on the streets. For some reason, I have to dodge endless trails of plastic water bottles, Tim Horton’s cups, and aluminum cans. What this tells me is that the main thing people like to throw out of their cars is drinking containers. Any thoughts on this? The only good use for plastic bottles is this idea I stumbled upon during my daily blog-reading routine.

Here are the photos: enjoy!

I think it’s funny that I was able to make the changes from strapping my huge doctor’s satchel to my bike rack with a 1/4″ cable used for electric instruments. How indie/rock can bike riding get?  Also, the image of me above, riding with headphones, was discouraged recently by someone looking out for my safety, but you must understand that I LIVE  music. I do nothing BUT listen to music at work, so when I ride, I listen to talk-radio podcasts, so the five cars that pass me on my 10km-ride are heard from a mile away.


5 responses to “My bike broke

  1. Apparently 30% of trips in Copenhagen are taken by bike. I love seeing the gas prices rise – the less people can afford gas, the more people will get off their butts and get on their bikes. Pollution, traffic congestion, and obesity/heart disease all can be addressed by the same issue. And hey, even the bourgeoisie can be happy about it because as gas prices rise, cars can once again resume their place as the true economic status symbols they once were (

  2. You should start getting your bike fixed at some bike shops in the city–
    here’s the city bike link.
    I used to use Courtesy Cycle when I lived in the city. I believe there is also one in Tecumseh, at the corner of Riverside and Lesperence.

  3. Tom,

    You should definetely get your bike fixed at a good shop.

    Here’s the bike that I ride in the city:

    and from some guys website:

    I recommend this STYLE of bike, ie. the hybrid, because of it’s upright posture, thin tires -but not road bike thin so you still have control around corners, and lack of shocks in the front. There are shocks in the seat, but that’s all you really need.

    ALSO – and this is HUGELY important – GET FITTED!! What does that mean? I can see in the picture of you riding that your legs are really cramped together. You are not getting the power you should out of riding. If you get fitted correctly, you’ll notice a huge difference.

    I was riding for a while (not fitted), and my legs started hurting around my knees. Like everyone else, I thought I could just adjust the seat by ‘eyeballing’ it. NO WAY. I went and got fitted, and right away the pain went away, and I was riding WAY more efficiently.

    I can take photos of my bike to show you the bar ends I put on. They look like this:
    (the rubber ENDS that are perpendicular to the bars)

    They’re the most comfy thing ever.

    Keep in touch, keep safe, and keep riding!!

  4. Two brands to consider, Kona and Rocky Mountain. If your bike keeps breaking, you need a better bike, not a better shop.

  5. I love riding my bike to work, well, up until I fell and smashed into the pavement that is. Lesson learned, never again will I wear shoes with laces, but that won’t stop me from riding again! Glad you’re being safe and as long as you can hear what’s going on around you, then I guess I won’t worry too much about you listening to your mp3 player while riding home. You got some great advice from other here too. I might have to look in to some of that, sounds excellent. Now… any ideas on where I can find a decent trailer so I can ride my bike to the market and the grocery store so I don’t have to take the car?????

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