Podcasters Across Borders (1)

Having returned from Kingston, the podcaster conference called PAB (Podcasters Across Borders), I have only great things to say, which I will do in future posts.

I want to share the relative success with a t-shirt idea Shane and I came up with.

I wanted to make a huge sentence with mentions of all the social media applications in it, (I Digg when Twits Pownce on del.icio.us ideas…), and then print it on the front of a t-shirt. I figured it would draw praise and giddiness from podcasters and social/new media nuts.

But Shane honed the idea into a giant “Hello My Name Is…” name tag with all of the fields being the social media applications, and then blank spaces left to be filled in with a fabric marker or a Sharpie. I loved the idea, and in a day Shane had a finished design. I burned the image of the design on the screen at Phog, and brought it to Kingston. Shane brought shirts, and we slowly took orders, and then made them to order in our hotel room during the dinner break on Saturday night.

And now I think we’ll have our hands full printing more, as were are more than willing and able to do so.

The best part of the “fill in the blank” t-shirt with social media info is that if you go to conferences (and you need to wear those lanyards with your name and information on it, which never sit right) you can simply tell someone to take a photo of your shirt and they instantly have LOADS of contact info that people today are coming to collect. This shirt should be a staple for conferences. Heh-heh…


4 responses to “Podcasters Across Borders (1)

  1. The shirts are great, Tom.

    Thanks for being a part of PAB2008. It’s nice to have you and Shane among the many ‘lifers’ in the PAB community.

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  3. That is an AMAZING idea! Way to go. Who doesn’t love t-shirts? Did you know there’s a group of Windsor Bloggers that meet up every month? You really MUST come to the next meeting in July. It would be so cool!

  4. This is a brilliant idea Tom!

    You’ve prompted be to begin sharing stories of the creative wisdom of the ‘brothers’…

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