Khari McClelland update.

So I put this post up about trying to find Khari, and how I looked for him endlessly online.

Todd Tyrtle, podcaster, bike rider, and all around great guy responds to me with a line similar to, “I like a good internet search challenge,” and he gives me a link. How he did this, it makes me nuts. His description was so simple, but it did not work for me when I tried a few months ago. I am so thankful…

To hear the voice of my good friend Khari, who I was unable to track down for almost two years, click HERE!

I wind up at a myspace page, and I see immediately in the little picture, Khari, on the far left side, singing!

Behold, the face of inspiration.

Apparently, he has a band called Cornerstone, which is based in Vancouver, with A’cappella / Blues / Gospel, listed as their musical style. This means that Khari is furthering his impact. He is spreading the Motown goodness the way he did when he was in Windsor.

I AM SO EXCITED! I hope we connect sooner than later. I gave him my number, to call, and I simply cannot wait!

Now I just have to hope they answer their myspace mail, as I have yet to hear from whoever administrates the website. Stay tuned for updates.


3 responses to “Khari McClelland update.

  1. Khari is very good friend of mine that I lost contact with also. When I went to NC for college, we sadly lost touch. We go back to 7th grade, and I know exactly how you feel about him. If you find him, please let him know I too am looking for him.

  2. Khari McClelland

    It is me in the flesh. Ha Ha Ha ! I’m still breathin’.
    I love you mofo’s. We need to reconnect, I got stories galore. Hey Tom can I play at Phog this summer.

  3. i sang bass in cornerstone! that’s me in the suit with the finger snappin’.

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