A couple of things…

On the way to the Mariposa Folk Festival in Orillia, Ontario, we stopped to get coffee, and if you’re not from this area, you will not be privy to the disgusting reality that is fish-flies (aka June bugs or May flies depending on when they emerge).

These disgusting little critters latch onto everything and they pile up everywhere near bodies of water in my neck of the woods.

I was told by a customer last night that his friend told him that the same thing happens in the southern US (forget where) except it’s with tarantulas! They litter the roads, much like our fish flies, and it sounds like you’re driving over potato chips! Gross.

Check the vid.


6 responses to “A couple of things…

  1. Two weeks ago we wandered down to Kingsville… the town was COVERED in mayflies – I’d forgotten they were also called fishflies.

    I’ve never heard them called June bugs before, though… I’ve always known June bugs to be big beetle-y things that come out at night… these things: http://bugguide.net/node/view/3477

  2. more fish flies mean healthier water bodies.

    just imagine how many there were BEFORE humans came around and drained all the wetlands.

    if you ask me, i think it’s great that there are so many!!


    why are you going to mcdonalds!??!?!

  4. I’ve heard them called mosquito-eaters … but just saying that made me need to look up info on them!! DOH! 😛

    They are officially called mayflies, no matter when they emerge. When they come out all at once like you show in your vid, it’s sometimes called a “bloom” of mayflies. When they are seen on or around water, it usually means the water is good quality — at least, according to wikipedia (though there is a note that there is no citation for this comment so it could be just hearsay).

    Their only purpose in their adult form is to reproduce — they don’t actually eat anything, let alone mosquitos! They live for anywhere between 30 minutes and 2 days — just long enough to do the deed, I suppose. 😛 The nickname of fishflies is likely either because fish eat them, or because many fishing flies made to look like them.

    So, I feel better anyways, though I already strongly suspected they were harmless. They’re actually quite pretty when looked at closely, though the big “blooms” of them are a little uhh… intense. 😛

  5. Hello, liking the blog Tom! I am one of the “facebook” invites, I thought I should let you know for your people counting 🙂
    This is very interesting because these flys DO exist I believe in most of Ontario. Only the name is different depending on where you live. In the North (North of Toronto) CHAD flys….
    I was like what the hell is a chad fly? OHHhh you mean a FISH fly (Windsor/Essex)

  6. SHAD fly my mistake.

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