Earlier, I invited, basically, all of my facebook contacts to visit this blog. I am, in a way, testing to see what these social networking sites are actually viable for…if they are indeed indicators of real or imagined connection to others. True or fabricated friendship. Relationship because of convenience, or because of true interest.

If you are one of the people I invited…welcome. Feel free to keep reading. In fact, I would love to hear the reason you actually came to this link. And yes, I may end up using it in future posts or articles or radio pieces or podcasts…the funny thing is that many people to who followed this link here have no idea what I’ve been up to, or even that I do any of these things…yet we are facebook contacts.

Earlier tonight I was watching a “best of” episode of Steve Paikin on The Agenda (TVO) and the discussion was about social media. When I subsequently logged into facebook and saw 845 friends, I wanted to see what the deal was…

I have approximately 10-70 readers on this blog on any given day. But I supposedly have over 800 people who have chosen to be linked to me. For what? Do they want to know what I know? Do they want to read what I write? Are they being polite when they are faced with the friend request? It’s interested all of us, and I am simply using data, numbers, and responses to form my own opinion of this anomaly known as facebook in the ever-expanding world of social media.

I’m actually interested to see if my friend count goes DOWN after this stunt.

Talk soon.


20 responses to “Connected…

  1. Cary (Your Brother)

    Hey Brother, I came to see what you are up to. I was intrigued by your email as never knew where this blog of yours was. Too busy to ask you, I found it easy to copy and paste th link and here I am. I usually would have ignored the prompt as I am busy with many things myself. But for some reason, your request hit a little closer to home. Keep up the god work Tom. I as always am very proud of you!

  2. I actually started reading your blog right after PAB….

  3. Hi Tom. After reading your email through Facebook I went to your blog and did two things: read it and then bookmarked it. I enjoy reading what you write and find your opinions and such very interesting – I find myself usually agreeing with what you write.

    I have only 63 “Facebook Friends” and I often think that I have no idea who many of them are other than I went to grade school or highschool with them. Others I have gotten to know again through Facebook, which is, I guess, one of the purposes of Facebook and other forms of social networking sites.

    Keep doing what you’re doing!

  4. Hi there Tom,

    I think i might be the first one to comment on this particular blog. It makes me laugh though, because I completely agree with then entire thing.
    How many people, who’ve gotten that facebook message from you, will actually come and join the other readers of your blog?
    As for myself, I will be reading your blogs from now on. As for the previous delinquency to my interest in your online thoughts, that can only be understood as a lack of information.
    If I would’ve had your Weblog address long ago, I would’ve been reading this for time now.

    Anyhow, good news for me, and subsequently for you too – I’m moving back to Windsor.
    This means alot more hanging out at good Ol’ Phog, and many more disgustingly drunk nights out with the ladies. I’m sure that interests you. It atleast gives me something to get excited about.

    I will cut this short, considering I’ve got a bunch of packing to do still, which could take me alot longer than what I expect.
    This Sunday coming, there is a show at The Coach, so I will be by-passing the bar. If anything, I’ll come stop by and say hello, maybe even stay for a brew.

    See you soon!

  5. Long story short, I came to your site via the ole Squeezebox…and came to the ole Squeezebox via Windom Earle (my brother). I listen to the podcast religiously…well, lapsed religiously. I am often a week or two behind so look forward to submitting my word-plays out of sync! Side note: you guys might want to start a wiki to store the results.

    As for this blog, I immediately subscribed to your RSS feed through Google Reader (I rarely go directly to sites anymore) and have found the contents of this blog very interesting, although I have yet to chime in with anything useful to add. I figured I would be into your media commentary, podcast stuff, indie rock and learn a thing or two from the sports perspective. I loved the fish-flies/june bug clip. That was nuts!

    I also subscribe to the RSS feed of all my Facebook “friends” notes and postings to get an idea of what they are into. I find Facebook turns the more hardcore routes of web social networking (like, twitter, Flickr, etc) into something regular Joes and Jills can understand. Even if they don’t understand, the fact is they are using it whereas you couldn’t get my mom near something like or even an RSS reader.

    I hope to some day cross paths in “reality” but for the time being I will kept tabs on your virtual perspective through these wires!

  6. Lisa Fairhurst - Verge

    Fack!! I had just written out this big comment and then clicked submit, but because I didn’t put my email address it was cleared and here I am again.

    Well, heres the jist of what I had previously written,

    I told you I’d check out your sites, you are and always were very intelligent, good for you, I’d like to introduce you to my husband, I think you guys would become good friends you have similar personalities, Do you own Phog Lounge?, Where is it?, keep up the good work!!!

    That sums it up. Take care Tom, I’ll be back to check your blogs and now I will go check out The Phog Blog. TTYL πŸ™‚

  7. Yo Tom.

    I understand what you’re feeling re: Facebook.

    I’ve discovered from my Constant Contact email list, Facebook, etc. that sometimes people/friends just want to know what you’re up to but won’t particularly click on, read, listen to, or watch anything that you put out there yet I still think there is value to it. I bump into people who are on one of these lists and sometimes they just say something like, “Wow. Seems like you’re really busy. Congrats. I hope to make it to one of your shows some day.”

    There are only so many ear and eye hours in the day. Keep it coming. Keep writing. Keep podcasting. Keep producing. I’m TOTALLY in your corner and we only just met.


  8. Thomas Koszegi

    You can’t kick me off your friends list in facebook that easy Tom. Although we’ve only recently connected on facebook, I find myself driving by Phog on occasions wondering how the place is doing along with wondering how your ball game is coming along? As much as I wish I were playing basketball with you on a regular basis, or stopping by Phog for a drink and some informative conversation like I used to in my university days, time has been limited. I’ve always admired your creativity and forward thinking, and hence like to see what’s new (great link to NO IMPACT MAN by the way). I can’t speak for everyone, but in my case, facebook has helped me keep in touch with some friends that I rarely see and has helped connect friendships that we may have thought to be an afterthought – great example being a get together I put together via facebook (unofficial 10 year high school reunion) that had nearly the entire freshman basketball team from FJ Brennan 199X (okay 1994) among others from a time long ago…..great memories. Hope this helps, and look forward to seeing you in the future….via facebook invite perhaps???
    your basketball idol,

  9. Peter Ferrato

    Hello Tom,

    Loved your e-mail. My wife had me convinced that I was the only person in the world that watched the Agenda. It is nice to know that other people enjoy TV to its full potential. I must admit that I fall into the “imagined connection” category as I rarely respond to requests. Facebook, in my opinion, is simply a tool. The links do not imply a genuine connection but simply a channel that provides the opportunity for one. With so little time and so many forms of media we must filter out what is important. The media we embrace speaks volumes about who we are.


  10. I was just being polite! ; ) Hi Tom, hope everything is great! I’m actually not on facebook very often–I actually joined it because it was a way to stay in touch with family (shows how great I am at that also!), but regardless–glad to see you are up to interesting things! What’s your calendar like? I have some shows that I need to book…! Ha, …sigh; ) Well, hello’s from Philly–hope your summer is going well, Carly xo

  11. Facebook and myspace have robbed the word “friend” of its currency. Sure you may have your real friends on your contact list, but what about the rest of them?

    These friends – for the most part – aren’t as interested in what you have to say as much as they’re interested in surfing photos, chequing your “relationship status” and perhaps spamming you.


  12. Of course I read your blog, dude – even though you never emailed or messaged me through Facebook about it.

    In Facebook there are friends and then there is social networking. What are y0u trying to get out of it? I’m just in it for the friend stuff…

  13. Hey Tom:

    I’m enjoying the full spectrum. From Squeezebox to Phog to Personal Blog. I’m not piling up chits for mySpace or FaceBook. Just interested in Canadian Indie, new friends and new ideas.


    Jon in Michigan

  14. Facebook is where I heard the news. Actually I got off of facebook, because it sucks, but then got back on for a week to start a group. During that time, you invited me to this blog, and a day or so later, I cancelled my account again.

    Why does facebook suck? Well besides taking up much needed time in our lives, I began to ask myself why I want to READ on the INTERNET about all my friends lives instead of asking them what they were up to when I saw them in person.

    Imagine a world where we’re all “connected” and know every intimate detail of each others lives – because we read it online. What would our face to face interaction become?

    “Hi!! I know how you are! I know what you’ve been up to! I know what you’re doing! Ok, See Ya!”

    Sounds like fun!!

  15. Its late so ima keep it short. I think facebook is brilliant. Think about it, how else would I have had the chance to checkout your cool blog(the baseball game story gave me chills for real), I mean outside of an annual pick up game or beer at phog, you and i dont hang. So yes I do think facebook is a very “viable” social networking tool. Like I said loved the blog and I look forward to catching up with you.

    GO TIGERS!!!!!!

  16. wait…that wasn’t a porn link….



  17. I have always loved you!

  18. stopthedrugwar


  19. Hello Tom.

    I came because I like your writing, I like your subject matter and I like how I can’t help but keep reading (and subsequently enjoying). You’re a good man with a fascinating mind, and that’s why I’m here.
    As for facebook, I have no idea how we even came to be “friends”. Did I do that? Oh well, it led me here, and so I rejoice. Just blame it on Travis. It’s easier that way. πŸ˜‰

  20. Welcome to W.E. Speak!

    On Facebook, make sure you add your blog feed to your Notes section. It will automatically import any of your blog posts to y our Facebook page.

    Blog on!

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