Family/Friends Birthday Romp & iTouch

Simply put, I had a wonderful birthday. Turning 29 was supposed to be uneventful. I would have gone to my in-laws for dinner and cake, swimming and fun. It turned out that Jhoan had asked some close friends, family (from Windsor and out of town) to come to my in-laws and surprise me. It was unprecedented for me, and it was incredible. I was a little shocked at the faces of MY parents in the yard of my WIFE’S parents. Shane was there, and the brothers who could make it…

It was sausages and hamburgers, salads and brownies, swimming and storytelling, children chortling and grown-up laughter. I was (unexpectedly) gifted Chapters gift cards to spend on books, and I cannot WAIT to go shopping for the best of the best. Also, I got SOLID books from Jhoan’s sister Lyn, The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins and Under The Banner of Heaven by Jon Krakauer. My mother also got me some slick books to read, which are always the kind that I need. Inspirational as all heck. I will let you know about them when I get into them.

Oh geez, and my brother Cary’s family got me some Tim Horton’s gift cards, which are so perfect…I don’t know what to say. I will chug that brown death like it’s my job.

So, I just thought it was worth sharing, because I was feeling so taken care of today, it was overwhelming. So much work goes into this kind of thing, and from Jhoan, to Lyn, to my mom pitching in to help, it was a flawless day. Heard from several friends, and was flabbergasted at the plethora of birthday wishes on my Facebook Wall. Very unexpected.

I must say that I scored an Apple iTouch from Jhoan, who swore she was not going to get one for us…however, it is slick, and it will be used endlessly for blogging and many other functions while on the go. Awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome…the only hitch has been that I had to pay $10 to get the software update just to get “iPhone” applications (as if they are made for one and not the other). That was the only “not-cool” thing about it. I mean, this thing must’ve cost over $300, maybe $400 and they want $10 MORE so I can put “free” online applications onto it in order to find movie show-times and to use a Scrabble Dictionary twice a year? Apple, get it together. I mean, everything else you do is mostly wonderful, but This. Is. A. Cash. Grab. I want my $10 back because it SHOULD be included in the purchase price. Plain and simple. You KNOW everyone is going to get apps for the thing, and you play it off like, “Oh, ohhhhhh, you want….you want apps from the iPhone?! (deep breath in between teeth) yeah…well…that’s not what we thought…we thought you’d just want it to be simple and stuff…without the cool free online gadgets and all that…yeah…(another deep breath in from the side of the mouth) maybe if you have $10 we can do the “upgrade”…”

Quit playin’ Apple. You know we all want the applications, so make some consumer-consciencious decisions here and pretend you actually MAKE HUNREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS because you cornered the market on audio/video/phone devices, okay? Thanks Steve Jobs. Thanks.

On to kinder, more level-headed thoughts.

Tell a loved one how much they mean to you. I heard it a few times today, and it was quite revitalizing.

And how could I forget…my brother’s Star Wars video has gotten quite the response! 12,000 views as of today (3 days since posting) and comments like crazy! Too awesome. Just so cool! Many thanks to Laughing Squid (Scott Beale) for posting this in the first place, especially after I sent him the link to the movie on a Twitter post…which is not the channel to go through for this sort of thing…so, extra thanks then, I guess. Now it has been re-posted to a few sites, namely the Geek Dad Blog on, which is just jaw-dropping, as my brother Mark really had no intention of putting this thing online at all. Maybe eventually, but not without some prodding, it might have found its way to Youtube. Rodd, our other brother, however was prompt and golden for getting it onto where the quality is money-in-the-bank.


3 responses to “Family/Friends Birthday Romp & iTouch

  1. Tom, Under the Banner of Heaven is one the best, if not one of the most disturbing books ever written. It started me a on a road reading everything I could get my hands on about Mormon history.

    Let us know how you like it. Oh, and happy damn birthday.

  2. On September 9th, Apple unveiled the 2nd generation iPod Touch, which only includes a few minor additions. Mine arrived a couple days ago, and the App Store is already integrated without any additional cost. With that said, it’s still ridiculous to charge 1.0 users for what is probably a pretty simple software upgrade.

    If you’re still feeling a little used by Apple, here are two pieces of information to share:
    1) You might want to look into the process of “jailbreaking” your iPod, which allows you to unlock features and other perks.

    This handy page provides a very accurate idea of when Apple plans to unleash an upgraded version of their product line. It would have no effect on a birthday gift, but might be helpful to any friends who are thinking about buying a Mac in the future.

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