Stencilling RUN DMC

Stencilling went from being a simple cut-out project or a t-shirt design and it turned into something more.

I have patience, and I have a steady hand (for now) and I found myself willing to put hours and hours into cutting out detailed images for spray-paint usage on t-shirts or posters afterward.

But the cut-out itself is a fragile art piece that I cannot help but want to keep pristine, not spray-paint over. I use paper, not velum, not plastic. So when I cut out something lacy, it is more delicate than baby’s skin.

Enjoy the video of my newest pride and joy. RUN DMC.

I’m looking pretty sad, with the earbuds in, listening to podcasts for six hours while I cut. But the finished product is what’s supposed to look good in this video, not me.

Jam Master Jay, rest in peace.

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6 responses to “Stencilling RUN DMC

  1. you are a god among crafty gods, tom lucier. this is seriously the most impressive stencil ever.

  2. Wow Tom. That is amazing. I can’t even imagine how you did that. If I didn’t see you move the newspaper out, I wouldn’t believe that’s a single stencil. Great job.

  3. Shit-damn, man! I saw you make the first cut into that paper at what time? Like, 8pm or so? Yesterday! I can’t believe you got it all cut in one damn night. It’s gorgeous, bro, congrats. I want one….

  4. Man, this is literally the most impressive thing ever. If you have a store I would very much like a link.

  5. hai i have really enjoyed this video,it’s really amazing to see.


  6. Unbelievable! I am truly impressed. The detail is *incredible*. Incredible patience and skill.

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