Video that made me stop…

I don’t give a damn about skateboarding. Don’t care. Never did beyond the time I got a skateboard when I was 8 and couldn’t do anything with it.

But I watched this video (I cannot even guess WHY I started it, at this point) and I am amazed.

So amazed in fact that I am embedding it here for all to see. This is just nuts, but it looks like complete fun. Enough of the skaters jumping over potholes or mailboxes or doing rail-slides…blah, blah, blah…been there…seen that (knowing I couldn’t do that).
This video is something else. It is freeing in a way, just watching it from about 2:20 into it…

Please watch and enjoy. I loved it.



2 responses to “Video that made me stop…

  1. Here’s another jaw-dropping skate video for non-skaters… I’ve never been a skater, but I’ve watched this video several times…

  2. Tom, like my self ………….. outstanding – thinking computers were involved as it was unbelievable. Top score!!!!!!!!!



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