Big Walk

Yeah, I drew this thing.

It’s the “poster” for Big Walk. Big Walk is the realization of my discussion with Scott Knowles…the now-professor who was part of the 24Hrs. trio that began a series of 24-hour walks in American cities (among other things).

It’s unreasonable top make a poster for this, because I’m only taking 25 people with me. And of those 25 spots available, there are actually only 20 spots left (or so) and of those, I am sure that the group helping organize it will be taking up at least 8.

Big Table is a group of people I asked to get together with me every Thursday at 1pm. Why? These mentors of mine, doers in their own right, festival organizers, volunteers, idea-people, resource-collectors, arts-minded, cultural individuals are altruistic enablers. They come together every week to help anyone within the group to realize an event, project, festival, whatever…

Big Walk (the name takes the moniker from Big Table) was put together by the members of the group, and the trail has been plotted by the members of the group. I could not have planned it without them, and now I am super-anxious to see it come to fruition.

Big Walk is scheduled for 8am on November 8, and will finish at the starting point 16 hours later, at midnight. We will be walking across the city back and forth, up and down, north of Ottawa Street primarily…but keeping within the oldest quarter of the city (closest to the Detroit River).

We plan on stopping for four sit-down meals and some short tours of certain select spots. We also plan on visiting several local businesses, some you may know, some you may not, to increase awareness of what they have to offer. Most of these stops will be culturally significant or historically significant stops. So we’re not stopping at a car dealership, or a mall.

What will everyone take from this walk, besides sore feet? I think we will have a renewed sense of our city, in the area researched, because we will be unable to ignore the subtleties we are habitually glazing over when we drive or bike. These walkers will be seeing the trash (or lack thereof) in certain neighbourhoods, the road conditions, the abrupt endings to bike lanes, and the faces of many houses we have never turned our heads to enjoy.

Personally, I look forward to seeing how much environmentally significant spots we discover, or discover ruined. The city life finds us hunting for parks and green spots more and more, and I hope that I can leave this walk with the sense that not all is lost in the natural history of Windsor. My home.

If you want in, e-mail me.

I will soon release the locations of our meals, snacks, breaks, etc.

6 responses to “Big Walk

  1. tom this is brilliant. let me know how i (or windsoreats) can help! I’ve got something scheduled that day but I’m going to try and move it so i can come along. (you’re sketch is great too 🙂

  2. Tom, this is brilliant….. you, as a blogger are one of the poets of our generation.

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