Big Walk stuff

There’s been some unexpected support of the Big Walk concept…from Scaledown ( This is pretty cool, since these guys are all about USING your city. Taking advantage of your surroundings.

Chris Holt, who ran for the Green Party in Windsor, apparantly has a keen eye on the Windsor blog roll, as he spotted the post about the Big Walk, and wanted to get involved, which is pretty obviously – flattering.

Here’s the link:

On another note, I apologize for the lateness of posts recently, but the shows at Phog Lounge (where I book acts/bartend) were nearly impossible to manage for the last five weeks. Very hectic, very stressful times because when you promise money to a band(s) you NEED bodies in the building paying cover charges. It’s my job to promote. And for 5 weeks, we have had an unpresidented level of talent through the doors.

There is less stress for November. Then Christmas-season unloads on us. Nice.
Also, my father had some complications with his gallbladder operation, and it was important that I see him as often as possible.

Oh yeah, and lastly, my wife’s 4-Year-Anniversary gift to me has been a MAJOR time consumer…and I warned her…
More to come about THAT topic very soon! It’ll be the next post.


One response to “Big Walk stuff

  1. Hey there, Tom. Your Big Walk and Big Table ideas are fantastic, and I like being involved with the passionate people who are in the vanguard of revitalizing this city. That’s you, my good man!

    BTW – the link you posted is for something else. Here’s the direct link to our post on the Big Walk…

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