Khari Has Been FOUND!

Yes, it’s crazy exciting!

Khari McClelland is no longer M.I.A.

My old pal is alive and very well, living in Vancouver, performing music and working three jobs!

I love this!

If this post makes no sense to you yet, read my past posts –

I was at Phog, working, and the phone rang. I answered as I usually do, “Phog…”


“What can I do for ya?”

“It’s Khari!!”

Which I followed by looking wide-eyed at my patrons, cursing and fidgeting, confused and thrilled.

Khari laughed on the other end of the line, which reminded me of how his laugh used to light up a building.

I asked him immediately if he finally Googled his name. I knew he would come across my blog posts one day or another.

“No, my friend Melissa, from work, asked me if I’ve ever Googled myself, and I was like, nah.”

Melissa decided to do it immedietely, right then and there. At work.

Melissa, I owe you a gargantuan debt of gratitude! Jesus Christ! How can I thank you for offering this tech-denying buddy of mine a glimpse into the web, and how people are looking for him!?

He read the post, and told me on the phone that he was touched by what I wrote, and expressed reciprocal appreciation for my friendship. We chatted for about 20 minutes, rushing, with me cutting him off several times with more questions.

It was a whirlwind, and will continue to be when I chat with him next, as I now have his phone numbers, e-mail, etc.

I feel like a missing piece of my life was put back today. Something far-gone was achieved. The unlikely was realized tonight, and I feel like there’s a reverberating magic on me, like when you get slapped on the arm and the ringing skin stays there for a long while afterward.

I’m thrilled. It took almost five months for the web-ring to reach him. I feel like I got a MAJOR Christmas present today, and THANK YOU KHARI for reacting to the post and getting in touch.

If you feel like reading his reactions…comments can be found on the past Khari McClelland posts.

Now to catch up.


3 responses to “Khari Has Been FOUND!

  1. It sounds to me like Khari walks the walk with the awareness and the freedom to simply be himself, sharing his light wherever he goes. This is good for his spirit, and sounds like it benefits many others. If only we could all do that – let go of what others’ expectations of us are, and just be who we want to be, who we really are deep inside, unaffected by restriction or judgment. Great life lesson. What an inspirational life teacher/guide he must be.

  2. Tom, I forgot to say “I’m happy for you that you located and reconnected with your friend.” I met him a couple of times and his energy reminded me somewhat of Kimba. Now that I have also met him I can make comparisons.

  3. are correct! That is exactly how he walks this earth.

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