Walking Big, more recounting and video

One of the best things about that Big Walk was getting into spaces we don’t normally go.

In the video clip, Joan (retiree from Leamington and amazing walker) and I are storming through a park on the corner of Huron Church Road between University Avenue and Riverside Drive (before it becomes Sandwich Street) right beside the Ambassador Bridge to Detroit.

There’s an ocean of yellow foliage on the ground, heard heavily in the dragging footsteps of the group. We’re marching toward Assumption Church. It’s on the other side of the park(ette). I have seen this swath of grass before, but never got to be terrestrial in that block of land. And I was extremely “present” during the crossing of that park, which prompted me to take out my camera and film a bit of it.

Not enough is said about the feeling and sensory joy that can come from walking through a field of leaves. Some may think this is wishy-washy, but it’s so fulfilling.

[blip.tv ?posts_id=1510094&dest=-1]

The other part of the walk that I enjoyed thoroughly was seeing parts of the city that are supposedly “dangerous”. Being in this neighbourhood near the University of Windsor, during the day, was wonderful. It was obviously devoid of any other human activity however, as it seemed we were the only ones out on our feet. As a whole, it seemed that during that whole day, we were the lone wolves using out two feet as a means of travel. In fact, I saw fewer bikes in use than I ever see. Perhaps it was our route that diverted us away from seeing other eco-travelers.

Another notable observation I wanted to share involves cars. While plotting out the course, I drove the route with my Mom. She was nice enough to donate the time and gas to drive the route while I made snap decisions to turn or u-turn, all in the hopes of helping my Big Walk go well. While we were driving, we were often closed in or stopped dead in our tracks from continuing onward. Why? Dead ends. You can’t drive the Ganatchio Trail where it begins on Wyandotte East and snakes behind homes, etc. You cannot get to College from Indian Road now that it’s closed off. On foot, this is all accessible. You can simply cross over a burm of grass, but in a car, you’re stuck, backtracking, wasting time and gas.

Walking through spaces that are designed to keep out motor vehicles has a special exclusivity feeling to it. Like I’m able to do something that MANY are not permitted to do. Loved that!

Here’s the video of the west-end neighbourhood that was picturesque, and not at all what I was expecting. Of course, I’m being sarcastic in the video.

[blip.tv ?posts_id=1510148&dest=-1]


2 responses to “Walking Big, more recounting and video

  1. Great experience. I’d like to join you next time.

  2. michael poirier

    This is great footage. I’ll upload mine as soon as I can.

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