Big Walk-erville and some of the power of Google Maps

Quickly, for those of you who were clueless about the Big Walk…here’s the original Google Maps Pedometer I set up. Stephen Hargreaves told me about this site, and I rushed to it in order to get an accurate distance on our walk…but it served as a a map and became part of an information kit I sent to all the walkers. So check it out HERE!

While in Walkerville, the biggest expanse was Willistead Park, looking at Willistead Manor. Wow. Autumn in full effect, and over 40 legs traipsing through the leaf-litter was, if nothing else, an auditory experience not repeated since I went on a field trip in grade school to Optimist Park…near my old school, St Andrew’s.

The videos I shot of that area include talk of Albert Kahn, and discussion of other buildings in the area…if you can hear it over the leaves.

So the vids below will show you what that experience was like, if you weren’t there…or if you aren’t from Windsor, or Ontario, or Canada.

In closing, I just want to explain something that was supplied to all Big Walkers less than two days after we returned from the painful, beautiful trip.

Michael Johnson, tall guy, running around all day with his camera taking pictures, made another Google Map for the group. His was much more interesting, intriguing, and inspiring…

He took our trip, and mapped it on a Google Map. He then took his photos, and created slide-shows in a movie-editor of some kind  on his computer (iMovie?). THEN he took AUDIO he secretly recorded during the walk, and he set those stories, or discussions as bed tracks for some of his photos.  He THEN plotted those videos ON THE MAP. He also posted photo galleries on certain points of the trip that were relevant to the area he placed the marker that signified “click here”.

So, when we were in Walkerville, one of our walkers, Joan, talked about how she used to be pals with Paul Martin’s (past Liberal Prime Minister of Canada) sister and how she had partied in the Paul Martin house as a youngster. She went on to discuss the secret tunnels under the house that lead all the way to the lip of the Detroit River, and were used for rum-running at some point (she thought). Everyone crowded around Joan on Kildare Road as she spun this yarn…and I hoped it stuck with people. Well, it stuck in Michael Johnson’s audio recorder.

So if you go to this map, he has a marker in Walkerville, and when you click on it, a Youtube video opens, and you see an image of the Paul Martin family house, but you hear Joan telling her tale of late nights in the house, with her friend, daring to go into the tunnel in the basement of the house, and running back in fear of the strange noises and darkness. Amazing usage of internet tools! I, however, now cannot find the link to that map in my e-mail. I will try to find it and post it in a later post.

Do any of my Big Walk readers still have this link?

I can’t wait to have the technology night at Phog when the creative class gets a tutorial from their creative brethren. Watching that knowledge spread is going to be amazing!!

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2 responses to “Big Walk-erville and some of the power of Google Maps

  1. Here’s the link to my map:,-83.058958&spn=0.032818,0.055275&z=14

    Don’t miss the Sandwich First Baptist Church, and the Low-Martin House.

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