The Mainstream

picture-1I really can’t tell you how much I love getting pieces in The Windsor Star.

The daily paper here takes a TON of heat about its content, yet I have been given a lot of freedom for the odd Monday article I give to them. I cannot complain with the great berth of space they give me when choosing topics.

I’ve written about my disdain for TV, my father’s illness, my unusually high disrespect for Ultimate Fighting, and my personal quest to travel by bike instead of a car. I write about the things that intersect with my life and drive me nuts until I write about them.

Today, I had a piece in The Scene section (as usual) about charity around the holidays, and competitive-giving between my siblings and I. My wife came up with the brilliant idea to see who can buy the most non-perishable food items and toiletries with $25 before tax. The winning family gets $30 to spend on themselves (winds their money back). You see, my family is quite competitive. And you can get through to them by challenging them…in fact, it is THE MOST EFFECTIVE way to get through to them. Haha…

So, one of the things that’s been plaguing me with my freelance column in The Star is content. You see, I am not allowed to write about anything in the music realm. Yes, my job that allows me to connect to all things in “The Scene” is what prohibits me from writing about music, the business, etc. because it is (truly) a conflict of interest. And I agree that it is a conflict, possibly allowing me to have a voice over some of the other people involved in music. So, when I’m no longer at Phog, I can think back to the way it worked, and vent.

Until then, I am looking for people/places/and activities worth writing about that DON’T occur inside the walls of my business. Which is so funny, because I try to innovate and create things that are newsworthy, and because I choose to hold these events within the walls of my business, I struggle as a writer.

So, this is a call to you, reading, to suggest to me ANY story you think should be expressed in that section of the paper on Mondays. I feel that I can be a great conduit to Windsorites about the world (expression, art, community, co-operation, activity) living under their world (Devonshire Mall, Starbucks, TV, SUV). If you can think of anything worth contributing…something that will capture those “undecided” folks or “independents” (like independent voters who are on the fence about whether to be a part of the first world or the evolving world).

Looking forward to some suggestions!!!

Here’s the link to the story I wrote in the paper today:

And here’s a little bit of a late addition from my friend Rino. He described his approach to Christmas, with two young children, trying to show them what “Christmas is all about”.

just wanted to share a similar idea that we did in our family over the holidays. having two young kids it’s hard to convey to them the true spirit of xmas while balancing the excitement of santa and receiving gifts. this year my mother in law had asked that we forgo her gift because of the tough times etc. we decided, my wife and her 3 brothers’ families, to spend that money on kids toys for donations. We took the kids shopping and they chose the toys and then they delivered them to the fire hall where they were getting collected. it’s a hands on approach to show them the value of gifts for people less fortunate. great to see that your article is being used to showcase such ideas. nice.

Thanks for this message Rino.


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