Christmas Miracle

picture-53I’ll take this opportunity to introduce you to a side-project I have, a podcast, called Shane and Tom’s Squeezebox.

Shane is a guy I met because of Frank, and Phog. Shane came in to do an art show (he’s a graphic designer/artist) and when we began talking, we were finishing each other’s sentences, and making the same rude, odd, and crazy connections and references.

We decided to record our show, post in on the web, and welcome people with the same twisted sense of humour into our circle. Well, since there’s two of us, it’s less of a circle, and more of a line.

We try to get together every Sunday to record our 30 to 45-minute show. We laugh like crazy, moving through our segments, and then we post the show online and wait for comments and e-mails.

It’s so simple to do, and the connection to people around the world is flattering as one can imagine.

This passed Sunday, we did a holiday show. It was fantastic. We were happy, sharp, and on-point.

Shane then drove me to work, where a local band was having a rare all-ages show, and then another show in the evening. I was flustered, rushed, and trying to figure out how my night was going to go, as I had lost a car to failed steering the day before.

On Monday, I wanted to post the MP3 of the show online, so Shane could edit it together and post it for everyone to download.


I could NOT FIND MY recorder. This thing has offered such freedom for freelance radio with CBC Radio One’s Spark, CJAM‘s NIMBY, and recording the odd show at Phog for a live-feeling audio rendition of the bands I love.

Not having this thing paralyzes me in a way I cannot express. It stops me from being able to do work for CBC, and it stops me from being able to freely do interviews for NIMBY (Not In  My Backyard) on CJAM.

I looked everywhere. And I mean everywhere. Specifically my backpack, where I always keep my recorder. It’s a ZOOM H4. It kicks ass. And I always have it in case an impromptu interview pops up.

I had a black cloud over my head for the past three days.

Shane was bummed that we lost our most recent show.

Jhoan was bummed that I was bummed, and she wanted to learn how to use it for a new project she’s starting soon.

So I had just about given up hope. I looked in every car, under every seat. I turned the bar upside down. I even called Frank to see if he stuffed it under a box somewhere.

And tonight. Christmas Eve. At Phog. I decide to empty my backpack for the third time. Take out the magazines, leaving Phog stickers and some finger-nail clippers. The only thing with any noticeable mass would be the bag (with a strap) holding my recorder…and the extra batteries it holds.

Lo and BEHOLD! It’s sitting in there, right next to the magazines!


I have no explanation for this.

No one has admitted to pulling a prank on me yet.

I don’t care.

I have the freedom to record again. I can record the 127th episode of Shane and Tom’s Squeezebox.

So go listen to the lost holiday episode! Download it from iTunes or go to our website:

I am so happy and feeling so lucky and blessed tonight.


6 responses to “Christmas Miracle


    I suppose they were buried by all those Spacing magazines I gave you too, eh?

    And I was ready to go digging in the snow to find it for you!

    Congratulations on your Christmas miracle, Tom. Here’s hoping that the whole Lucier clan has a great holiday season!

  2. Hey! That’s a sweet little rig ya got there! I never really paid attention to it (just read the specs now) as I spoke into it every week. I may just have to give mysef a belated xmas gift…

  3. Merry Christmas, Tom!

  4. It was me. I pranked you.

    Merry Christmas!

  5. That story made me very happy Tom! Great news – I shudder to think of it not having this happy ending. Carry on, boys!

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