Windsor Star runs Majora Carter article.

I woke up on Monday morning to an e-mail from Jhoan.
There was a link to a website.
She said, “There’s a big photo of you with your story,” or something like that.
And I thought, “What story?”

You see, I wrote something for The Windsor Star a while ago, around the time I wrote my blog post about Majora Carter (Sustainable South Bronx).

When it didn’t run in the paper within a month of my sending it to the editor, I thought it was rejected.
In actuality, it was being held for a proper day.
It was brought back into the sun on this past Monday, possibly because since I wrote the article (about the green collar job creation in the South Bronx and the constant loss of blue collar jobs locally) it has more immediate relevance.

It was just a very nice surprise to see this baby in the paper, and not lost.

If you want to see the article, here it is.
It was a great feeling, and I thought I’d share it.


2 responses to “Windsor Star runs Majora Carter article.

  1. great article tom. i had the chance to see majora speak at the creative cities conference in detroit and it is so amazing the things she has done in her community.

    • I really wanted to go to that…but I was very impressed to hear that several Windsorites went. I just wish more folks on Council went…like…any people from City Council…

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