Neon signs

In The Windsor Star a few days ago there was a front page article about a Windsor relic. This blew my mind, because very little attention in the mainstream population goes toward heritage sites and our fine city’s history. And then wham! This article announces several places slated as heritage sites, making them harder to simply knock down for another mini-mall or Wal-Mart.
Here’s the article about the old 1950s era sign in South Windsor that I’ve always liked.

This stood out to me because just last night I was reminded of neon signs when looking through vacation photos. You see, some people buy mugs, ashtrays, hats, or some other ephemera when visiting a new place. Jhoan and I decided to start taking photos of old neon signs in the cities we visit on vacation. They pop up every once in a while. Last night, leafing through the pictures, I was reminded of this project when I saw a sign Jhoan photographed in Key West, Florida, about 2 miles from one of Ernest Hemingway’s residences. The one with the 6-toed cats.

I figured I’d share that.
Also, there’s an amazing Flickr group of photos from a “Neon Graveyard” in Las Vegas where decommissioned neon signs go to wait, or die.
Here’s the link.

Am I crazy, or was the N&D sign on the east end of Tecumseh Road also an older neon sign?


2 responses to “Neon signs

  1. I took pictures of that old N&D sign in Windsor East before they pulled it out, and EPPS, and more from Huron Church Road… and many more that have been ripped out of this city. I have been shooting neon for years in my travels as well. I could post them, but drat blast it… they are on film negs

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