NIMBY on CJAM for January 13th, 2009

picture-71Adam and I had a great show today.
I had to record my interview very last minute (yesterday), and edit it very late last night.
Maya Ruggles from FedUp Windsor Community Gardening, came to Phog last night so I could interview her, as she had knee surgery this morning, when I might have been able to do a phone interview. She was game for a phone interview, from home, no less than two hours after her surgery, but having had two knee surgeries (including something very similar to her procedure today) there is no way I would expect ANYONE to talk to me for 10 minutes after that gruesomeness.

The piece was maybe one of the best I’ve done since Adam and I started recording Not In My Backyard. I just got a real sense of groundbreaking, up-and-coming buzz around the work that Maya and FedUp is doing. It was great to talk with her and to get a greater appreciation for what they’ve done and for what lies ahead. I think I see some volunteering in Jhoan’s and my future with FedUp.

Adam interviewed Chris Mangin of Artcite over the phone, and discussed Art’s Birthday. No, not the dude, Art…but art, the expression. It’s having its 1,000,046th birthday this year, and is being celebrated at Phog Lounge. During the interview, I was surprised to learn that The Situationists (Socialist Parisian artists in the 60s) had a hand in how this event is celebrated. For those of you paying extra-close attention, The Situationists were the “originators” of psychogeography, something I’ve been involved in locally a bit, and would often travel through Paris with a map of London, TRYING to get lost in order to see the city from different eyes.

If you missed the show and you want to listen, go OVER HERE!!


2 responses to “NIMBY on CJAM for January 13th, 2009

  1. Maya Ruggles is an amazing, caring, and hard-working person, and the residents of this city should be glad she has decided to live and work in this part of the world .

    Afterall, she hails from British Columbia, and if anyone has ever travelled out to those parts of the country, they may ask her “Why live in Windsor??” … ask her when you see her.

    Many thanks to Maya (hope that leg heals fast), FedUp Windsor, Tom and Adam!!

  2. Very good talk, Maya, Tom and Adam! Maya is truly inspiring with her energy and enthusiasm for sustainable change. I am very grateful to have met her through Fedup! and thrilled an urban ag movement exists here in Windsor.
    Talk about carbon footprint, isn’t it absurd to truck in GMO tomatoes that taste like a rubber ball, when we can grow any delicious variety we want fresh right here in our Banana belt yards?? We are so fortunate to have many feet of rich soil on this land…it could be rock, you can’t do much with that! And, Maya’s mention of saving seed varieties is crucial to prevent monoculture and maintain genetic diversity. Books such as ‘The End Of Food, by Thomas Pawlick’ go into great detail on this topic stating how the veggies are force ripened, treated with ethylene gas and the likes on their way to our grocery stores…rendering them practically void of nutrients. Check this out if you’d like more info wrt to seeds:, If you would like to ask me questions, go right ahead, I would be delighted to share my knowledge and lessons learned with anyone willing to dig their hands into the dirt and take back our food supply.

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