Jhoan went to Zehrs the other day.
She picked up one of the dirty little chickens.
Damn, how I love those scrumptious, oily, brown little chickens.

I knew she was getting it. I knew I’d be digging into it, ripping every shred of meat free as soon as I got the chance.
I could see it. Though the clear plastic top-bubble, as it sits in the black plastic bottom-bubble.
I want to eat another one, just thinking about yesterday’s.

When Jhoan arrived with the food, I couldn’t wait. But I couldn’t see it. “Where’s the chicken? You said you were getting one,” I said.
“It’s right behind you,” she said.

When I turned, it was indeed on the table. However, I saw immediately why I had glazed over it (mmmmm…glaze).
It was different in some way.
Zehrs for some stupid reason, decided to add packaging to this plastic bubble. It wasn’t enough that they were selling like, like…hot and greasy chicken. They decided to add a comfort handle to make them MORE appealing. God forbid that someone has to use two hands to pick up their dinner.

This kind of thing must seem like a great idea in the design headquarters, but in reality, it is a disgusting waste of paper in lieu of a sticker with the nutritional facts on it.
Am I being too picky or is this an irresponsible move? How many thousands of these babies are going to sell, and with them, stupid paper carriers that are going to end up in the recycle bin (assuming they’re recycled)? It’s like the silly paper sleeve that covers the hot take-out coffee cup. The waste is numbing. I really can’t see how this was brought to a board, approved, and rolled out.

Zehrs, this is so dumb.


12 responses to “Over-packaging

  1. funny you think the paper is a waste when i keep thinking that huge plastic bubble is a waste. : )

    i buy those often too

  2. i just mean that because when i was younger those chickens were behind glass, then you would ask for one and they would put it into a foil bag. which kept it warm. a much better use of materials i think.

  3. I was thinking the same thing!!
    -directed to the former comment

    And what about the waste of the the life of the chicken, I wonder how many of these chickens are thrown out every week – never actually filling their purpose to sustain someone’s life.

    Seems to me the whole product is a waste.

    PS: I love reading your thoughts! : )

  4. what if… you had to bring your own reusable and washable foil-lined thermal bag to buy a roasted chicken out of the BBQ oven… how much more thought would it take to do that?? Say the bag cost you $2.00 to buy, they you use it until it wears out in 5 years or so…

    So, why not ZEHRS????????

    • These comments are fantastic!
      I mean, the re-usable BBQ chicken bag!! Like the pizza delivery bag they have, keeping the pizza warm?
      So funny.
      Yes, I think it’s a good idea.
      No, I don’t think 1 out of 1000 shoppers would use one.
      But it beats the hell out of the wasted plastic and paper.
      Scotty, always with the great ideas. Love you man!

  5. the one i’m talking of was just a simple foil bag. they even had them for cold things too back in the 60s and 70s. like if you bought ice cream they would put it in this special cold bag. people wouldn’t have to use it since the one i mean was behind the counter, so once you picked out a chicken you liked, they would put it into the bag for you and seal it up.

  6. Go Vegetarian! Easy Solution!

    As for the coffee cup thing…just don’t buy them.

  7. Do they actually SELL those things? If I ever make it to a Zehrs, I always think it’s the same damned, oily chicken-things that were there from my last trip.

    Honestly, they sorta scare me.

  8. i work at zehrs. that is NOTHING compared to the waste in my department (cold deli).
    when we use a specific type of meat, it is wrapped in plastic. somewhat necessary for shipping and such, i cant think of a better way to protect the meat from the elements/being dropped/being stored etc.
    BUT before we put it in the counter, we have to rewrap it with saran wrap.
    EVERY FUCKING TIME we use the meat we have to UN WRAP THE MEAT! then before we put it back in the counter IT HAS TO BE WRAPPED IN NEW PLASTIC!
    UGH! (i cant do that, i am on the brink of losing my job again.

    also, chris, if they DONT sell them, they put them in cold storage for the night, and then shred it in the morning for the chicken salads and such.

  9. I have no opinion on chicken packaging, but when it comes to packing it INTO a chicken, FUCK I CAN’T CONTROL MYSELF.

    Chicken temptations.

  10. “Damn, how I love those scrumptious, oily, brown little chickens.” – Tom Lucier.

  11. oh, i was thinking of you at work today, while i threw out a cart load of “expired” food…
    i took a terrible cell phone picture of how much was thrown out… it disgusts me how much waste one store can produce on one day. NO! one HOUR.

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