I love the entire idea of Martin Luther King Jr.
His bravery, his strength, and his conviction still moves me when I read about him, or even think about him.

It’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day today, in case you didn’t know.
I know this because it is the “bands play to famous speeches” tomorrow night at Phog.
I was listening to various speeches over the last few days, to select some speeches.
Listening to “I Have A Dream“, and “I’ve Been To The Mountaintop” (the last speech he ever made in Memphis, in support of the garbage workers’ strike) I am moved in a way that I am rarely ever struck emotionally. Listening to his speeches…to the overwhelming awareness, foresight, it makes me incredibly grateful that Dr. King was the man he was.
I cannot imagine a world where he did not exist, with all of his helpers, followers, and supporters…each as brave as him.

Listening to him, he makes you feel like, you too, can make a contribution. You can effect change. You can make a place better by being brave enough to think, and to do so while being in your truth.
Dr. King, seriously, is one of the figures I think of when I imagine Windsor climbing out of the doldrums. He’s the man I think of when I sadly shake my head at the examples of poor leadership anywhere…but especially in Windsor and Detroit.
He wasn’t a “politician” even though he was political…and he had to think politically. He was a man. He was a man with an idea of how the country/world should be.

On this day, I wish to find more people like him. And when they’re found, to honour them for their strength, wisdom, and bravery. I wish to wonder for a world better than it was when I entered it. Thinking and remembering Martin Luther King Jr. brings hope to that possibility. There are those extraordinary among us, if they only feel the purpose to engage.

Thank you Dr. King.


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