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Broken City Brilliance

Broken City Lab is at it again.

They’ve got this great concept, at least, they’re borrowing it. Kind of like I do with every event I run.

From brokencitylab.org:

Katy Asher, a student in Portland’s MFA in Art and Social Practice program, along with Ariana Jacob and Amber Bell, have initiated a project that “aims to make a vending cart of maps made by people from Portland.”

I love the idea of collecting maps that people have DRAWN! As Broken City Lab posits, it makes for a great outlet to see how people exaggerate distances and sizes of things on a hand-drawn map. We all do it. We run out of room on a map we’re drawing for someone, or we leave a ton of room and find that things are much closer, and we don’t need the allotted space.

It’s a new way of investigating the “psychogeographic” influences that driving a car has on the way we draw a map. Or, conversely, how walking or biking influences the drawing of a map.

I LOVE the idea of a possible mixture of Google Maps and simple hand-drawn maps, much like the recent walk that we held at Phog Lounge. I envision an art show consisting of hand drawn maps overlapped with ACTUAL maps of the area from, Google maybe. And maybe commentary with the person who drew the map to discuss the inconsistencies and reasons for them.

It’s yet another great tool to investigate what works in our (your) city and what doesn’t.

Justin, I absolutely love everything your group is doing! Dammit!
I feel inspired now. Thanks you.


More Spacing walk vids

Here are some more videos from the walk with Shawn Micallef.

I’ll begin by posting Scaledown.ca video that Chris Holt edited and posted on Youtube. It’s Shawn Micallef discussing what we are about to set out and accomplish on the walk, along with his experience walking in Windsor and Toronto, and forming the Toronto Psychogeographic Society. Take notice that this bar is full of people, and almost no one is talking. Just eager listeners. More people who care about Windsor.

This first vid from the walk contains the flags and “torch” for the City of Windsor on Riverside Drive in front of The Hilton and Radisson Hotels. I never really noticed these flags…and I certainly didn’t notice the embarrassing fake paper-fire in the “torch”. Thanks Ryan Fields for pointing it out. This was recorded moments after being “barked” at by someone in the passenger seat of a car using a megaphone. Thanks Windsor.

Below, you can watch the play-by-play of the holiday display in the St. Clair Centre for the Arts. Also, there is a mirror mounted on the stop sign so that drivers leaving the St. Clair Centre for the Arts can see traffic racing up the street behind them. It acts as a rear-view mirror. But it was completely swiveled in the wrong direction, offering little or no help until we moved it back into position. It’s kind of off-putting to see a traffic aid so easily accessed and subject to tampering.

This video shows the CCTV camera mounted on The Windsor Star. There’s a need for a garbage can in this area, clearly. Michelle uses the audio recorder to get some sounds of garbage.

Stephen captures my excitement while looking at a “dressed up” ashtray on the street near The Windsor Star. Also, a stream of newspapers from other cities is available here, and I feel somewhat embarrassed for having not recognized these here before. There’s a city parking lot that I thought belonged to The Windsor Star exclusively, but is apparently for anyone. We encounter some broken glass (light bulb), more street garbage, a suitcase handle (I decided to spike – mimicking the traveler who broke their bag, and it was so cold, it shattered – oops), a dessert fork, and more. Most of this stuff was around the new bus station. Stephen also takes a closer look at Rogues gallery and the signs around it.

Behind Sir Cedric’s Fish and Chips, and the LCBO, there is a massive air conditioning unit…we think…and it seems a little big for anything in the area to be using. Anyone know what this is?

We find a hydro substation, not having known what it was…thinking it was a house of some kind. Ryan Fields recognized it though. Also, a beautiful house that I have never (ever) looked at, even though it is one of the nicest houses I’ve seen downtown. I also realized where the offices for Windsor Business Magazine are located. We also encounter some fliers that peak our interest. I then get ornery about the broken planters and public space defilement. swear a little too much, but it gets increasingly annoying to see these things being broken and then ignored. The costs associated with fixing these things is clearly irrelevant, or an afterthought for the people doing this damage.

The last video for today’s post is more discussion about the damage being done by snow plows in the parking lots downtown, specifically near the Art Gallery of Windsor. The broken public planters, placed strategically to block an old driveway, mixed with busted concrete makes for a sad image of these areas. Just a bit of a downer. If these objects don’t belong here, which ones do? I wonder.

Big Walk: Where we’re going…


The Big Walk is coming up on Saturday. Yes, they say that the beautiful weather is going to end. The rain will begin. And the walk will not be stopped.

There are lots of folks coming, some leaving in the middle, some joining late.

Everyone participating will enjoy their time on the Big Walk, I am confident of it.

Here is a list of the places we will be trying to stop by and get a closer look at (in order):

Large Sitting-Tree in Odette Sculpture Garden, Historical Train Barns (The Junction), Odette Sculpture Park, Bridge Steps, Assumption Church, Chewitt Park, Peterson Park, Mill Park, The Mill Street Windmill (Russell & Mill, Mackenzie Hall, New Bedford Church (on Peter St.), Indian Road boarded-up houses, Duff-Baby House, McGregor Cowan House, U of W St. Denis Centre’s new football field, Sanctuary Coffee (College), Victoria Avenue housing, Windsor Grove Cemetery, St. Alphonsus Cemetery, Lanspeary Park, Canada Salvage, Rockhead Pub, Smoke and Spice restaurant, Unique Rabbit clothing, Judy’s On Ottawa gift shop, large Consignment Shop behind TD Bank on Ottawa St., Juniper Books, Windsor Market, The old International Playing Card Company Building on Walker Rd, Willistead Manor/Park, St. Mary’s Church (Walkerville), Paul Martin family house, Jones & Co., Timeless Treasures, Artspeak Gallery, Victoria Tavern, Old Bank Building and Post Office on Devonshire, Taloola Cafe, Walkerville Brewery, Hiram Walker, Ford Strike Protest Site, Nancy John’s Gallery, Vincent Franzoi’s Gallery, Paula’s Gallery, new Jitters Cafe, Nancy John’s artist’s loft, Prado-view walk to the river, Abar’s, Riverside Brewery (ruins), Ganatchio Trail, Seminole Walk, Ford City, Old Fire Truck Building site, Brownstones on Walker Rd., Big Tony’s Wood Oven Baked Pizza on Walker, Via Rail station, return to beginning along the river…

Big list huh?

And as for what to bring: (This is what I’m bringing, you may want to take more or less)

It might rain…umbrella.
A small flashlight…you never know.
Extra socks
Extra shirt
Water or juice
Cell Phone
Bandages (for potential blisters)
A book or magazine for some of our park stops (you may want to take park visits as a break rather than an exploratory opportunity)
Pain Medication

Cell phone (if you own one) for emergency or a cab if you get too tired!

Here’s the map of where we’re going: