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Oh-Bama. The best version of the speeches possible…


Listen up.

Last night at work (Phog Lounge), I had some musicians scheduled to play. They weren’t being paid. The money¬† made from donations was going to go to a cultural project needing extra funds.

Stupid me forgot, when booking this music, that the elections were on the same night.

Elections = People stay home

So, as quiet as it was during the election, Chad Howson, and another piece of his band, Another Saturday Night, decided that they would play anyway. I thought it was a good idea.

They took the stage for a second set moments before John McCain began giving his concession speech. A surprise to us all. So, as we listened, we watched all of the election coverage on a crackling black and white TV perched on the end of the bar.

Chad had an idea.

He placed a microphone on the speaker of the TV and cranked it.

He then got on the stage, two guys, guitar and drums, and started playing softly over the concession speech of McCain. It was incredible. Why? Well, McCain’s speech was gracious, and it allowed the Obama supporters to see and remember the man who existed BEFORE McCain was instructed to attack. He was his old (pun) self. He was real. And I liked him again.

So, after hearing this live music over the candidate speaking, I decided to be prepared for Obama’s victory speech.

I had the recorder ready, and I got the entire speech with live music (a musical score, if you will) playing in the background. The result is pretty damn AMAZING! I KNOW you will most likely to agree.

There are moments that the musicians feed from the speech and give a sense being felt by myself and others who were excited to see what was happening. Take a moment, listen, and allow yourself to be impassioned by this speech again, but this time, with some indie/instrumental music in the background. It’s so wicked, I am thrilled that I was able to capture this.

Share, share, share!

I think when musicians hear this, they will see the opportunity to make their own Victory Speech Remixes, much like musicians get together en masse to remix, say, Radiohead.

Check it out!

Download it. Share it.


The moment of 16:30 in this file is perfect timing which leads to a triumphant end that I have listened and re-listened to over and over again tonight. I am ecstatic for The United States of America…finally.

If you’re interested in hearing the chunk of McCain’s speech in the same style, here it is:

I cannot wait to challenge instrumental bands/musicians to come to Phog and freestyle over famous speeches from unknown speakers. Meaning, I will line up a famous speech, and not tell anyone which is being played. The band must react to the voice, like Another Saturday Knight did tonight, and try to make magic. It may be Ghandi. It may be JFK. It may be Martin Luther King Jr. Hell, it may even be a famous, lengthy movie speech!

Look for this event in the near future.